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Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen FamiliesParenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Parent Cafe`


About Parent Cafe`

Your or your organization can host  a Parent Café! It's a place where parents have conversations that matter about keeping their families safe and strong. A Parent Café is based on a set of six Protective Factors that help prevent child abuse and neglect. In this six week program, parents will talk about the things that keep their families strong, which prevents abuse and neglect.

Where can we do a Parent Cafe`?

Parent Cafés can take place in parent friendly environments such as schools, community centers, churches, public libraries, etc.  A café atmosphere is created with small tables, tablecloths, centerpieces, soft music, food, etc. 

What happens at a Parent Cafe`?

Cafés begin with a welcome and an introduction to the Protective Factors. Each table has a question to discuss based on one of the Protective Factors, and paper and markers to write the answers of each participant. Parents have a one-on-one conversation, based on the question, that helps them feel comfortable and safe sharing their thoughts and feelings. Parents explore the question by talking to each other, listening and reflecting. They examine their own beliefs, family traditions, attitudes and actions, and together, find the differences and similarities in the families represents at their table. They begin to connect their thoughts to important values and their desire for a safe and happy home for their children and family. After 20 minutes, parents switch to another table with a new—but related—question. The Parent Host, who remains at the table, shares the main ideas of what the earlier table guests discussed and invites the new parents to build upon and reflect on what was shared earlier. Parents rotate, sitting at a total of three tables.

At the end of each session of Parent Cafe`

the sheets of paper are taken from each table and posted on the wall. The Facilitator then guides the parents in a discussion of the answers to the questions, and a reflection on their experience at the Parent Café. The Facilitator offers closing comments and parents fill out evaluations. Participants come back together over the course of 6 weeks to complete the Parent Café program. Many parents go on to take Triple P Parenting Classes.  

I'd like to schedule a Parent Cafe` for my group:

Great! You provide the location, cafe` decor and meal and I'll provide the program. Email me at donna@now-hear-this.org or use the contact form under the CONTACT tab and push send! I'll  get back to you asap!