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Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen FamiliesParenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Training


ALL children deserve a safe and happy childhood...

It is important to note that bullying is a form of victimization (child on child abuse) and shares some characteristics with other forms of victimization. Adults need to understand the different types of bullying and be able to recognize when a child is being bullied in order to help protect them from harm.

In this comprehensive training, participants will learn...

  • The four types of bullying
  • Why bullying occurs and who gets bullied
  • The impact of bullying on the child
  • What SC Law states about bullying
  • The clues that children give us when they are being bullied
  • What to do if you suspect a child is being bullied 
  • How to handle a disclosure of bulling

Who should attend this training?

Everyone 18 years and older! We all have a responsibility to help keep children safe from bullying.

Warning signs of bullying...

  • unexplainable injuries
  • lost or destroyed belongings
  • frequent headaches
  • stomach aches
  • feeling sick
  • faking illness
  • change in eating habits
  • difficulty sleeping
  • frequent nightmares
  • grades dropping
  • loss of interest in school
  • loss of friends
  • avoiding social situations
  • decreased self esteem 
  • running away from home
  • talking about suicide

Quotes from our participants:

"I'm glad I took this training - much needed on my part, Thank You!"

~ Anonymous

"Very well done, Donna is an excellent trainer, you can tell she really cares about children."

~ Anonymous

"This training should be required training for all adults who work with children, including daycares and schools."  

~ Anonymous

"This is an excellent training, I learned a lot and now feel confident that I can recognize bullying and stop it. Thank you so much Ms Donna!"

~ Anonymous

I'd like to schedule a Bullying Awareness & Prevention Training for my group:

FANTASTIC! Thank you for helping to ensure that adults are trained to recognize bullying and act as needed to protect the child.  I'll provide a comprehensive two hour training and each participant will receive handouts and a certificate of participation. Email me at donna@now-hear-this.org or use the contact form under the CONTACT tab and push send! I'll  get back to you asap!.