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Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Parenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen FamiliesParenting Classes and Trainings to Strengthen Families

Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Training


ALL children deserve a safe and happy childhood...

Children cannot be expected to protect themselves from child abuse. It is the responsibility of adults to be trained in child abuse awareness and prevention. Children are safer when adults are educated in the signs of child abuse and neglect, and how to react to them. 

In this comprehensive training, participants will learn:

  • The four types of child abuse
  • Why child abuse occurs, who gets abused, and who the alleged perpetrators are 
  • The impact of child abuse on the child, their family; and on society 
  • What SC Law states about Child Abuse 
  • What SC Law states about spanking children 
  • The clues that children give us when they are being abused 
  • The probable actions of the alleged perpetrator 
  • According to SC Law, who “Mandatory Reporters” are, and their responsibilities about reporting 
  • What to do if you suspect a child is being abused 
  • How to handle a disclosure of child abuse, and what to document 
  • What a “Minimal Facts Interview” is, why it is so important, and how to conduct one 
  • What “Reason to Believe” is 
  • When SC Law requires a report to be made 
  • Which agency to contact to make a report 

Who should attend this training?

Everyone 18 and older! We all have a responsibility to help keep children safe from child abuse and neglect. This training is registered with SCDSS Child Care Training System for 2.0 Professional Development contact hours. 

By South Carolina Code 63-7-310 the following professionals are Mandated Reporters:

  • physicians, nurses, dentists, optometrists
  • medical examiners, coroners, and their employees
  • any other medical, emergency medical services, mental health or allied health professional
  • members of the clergy, Christian science practitioners, religious healers
  • school teachers, counselors, principals, assistant principals, attendance officers
  • social or public assistance workers
  • substance abuse treatment staff
  • child care workers in child care centers or foster care facilities
  • foster parent
  • police or law enforcement officers
  • juvenile justice worker
  • undertakers, funeral home directors and employees
  • persons responsible for processing of films
  • computer technicians
  • judges
  • volunteer non attorney guardian ad litem

Quotes from our participants:

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention training that was held today. I have been a social worker 17 years and dreaded attending yet training on child abuse. I was impressed by the trainer and her knowledge on the subject. She had a well organized and informative program. We had great discussions and she answered our questions competently. I believe that everyone who attended the training today felt empowered by the information and tools the trainer gave us. I hope that all our Girl Scout Leaders and staff will take this particular training. If just one girl is helped as a result of this training, the cost and time will be well spent.”

~ Girl Scout Leader, Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, Horry County, 2008

“Donna is an excellent trainer. Her training was down to earth, she took the time to explain and answer questions.” 

~ Girl Scout Leader, Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, Beaufort County, 2009

“This training was excellent. Clear, concise and very well presented. Thank you!” 

~ Girl Scout Leader, Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, Dorchester County, 2010

“This training was very informative! I have a better understanding of child abuse and how to prevent it. Thanks Donna!”

~ Girl Scout Leader, Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, Charleston County, 2011

“Donna, thank you for providing the child abuse awareness and prevention training class for us on August 24. You are a wealth of very important and informative information. And although I'm sure your job is not easy, you did an excellent job presenting the facts of child abuse to the staff. We learned a ton of stuff. THANK YOU!”

~ Robin Ziolkowski, Director, First Baptist Church WeeSchool, 2012

“I was surprised at how little I knew. Donna is very knowledgeable about child abuse.”

~ Girl Scout Leader, Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, Horry County, 2013

“This was an awesome training and was very helpful to me as a Child Care Director. There were great discussions and gave me more insight on what to look out for and how to approach it.” 

~ Christina Dixon, Pilgrims’ Inn, York County, 2014

“This was a very good training, very productive. I feel prepared for the summer and able to properly handle any situation.” 

~ Resident Camp Counselor, Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, Marlboro County, 2015

Of all the trainings that I have attended since becoming a GAL, this was the most detailed and useful”

~ William Eugene Higgins, Guardian Ad Litem, 2016

“Excellent training. I used to be an investigator at DSS.”

~ Anonymous, 2017

"Ms Donna is very well spoken. The training was very informative. A lot of information was covered in two hours. I feel confident that I now know what to do if a child disclosed abuse to me. Thank you!"

Faranica Reynolds, 

~ Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, 2018

I'd like to schedule a Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Training for my group...

AWESOME! Thank you for helping to ensure that adults are trained to recognize child abuse and act as needed to protect the child.  I'll provide a comprehensive two hour training and each participant will receive handouts and a certificate of participation. Email me at donna@now-hear-this.org or use the contact form under the CONTACT tab and push send! I'll  get back to you asap.